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Story 189 – 2019 – Innovation Products

The higher the power density, the hotter the electronics

Wieland Microcool cools electronic components with maximum efficiency

Power electronics play a central role – in the energy and mobility revolution as well as in high-performance computers. A major challenge lies in efficient cooling, which requires completely new technologies. Wieland Microcool accepts this challenge and sees it as an opportunity.

The increasing shift away from fossil fuels and the rapidly advancing digitalisation with its high demand for high-performance computers – for example in the field of artificial intelligence or autonomous driving – creates an enormous need for efficient cooling solutions. High heat transfer coefficients, optimal flow dynamics and scalable manufacturing processes are required, which enable industrial production on a large scale.

For Wieland, the strongly growing markets in this field were reason enough to form a joint venture with a leading supplier of innovative cooling solutions for power electronics and semiconductors in 2019: Together with the US-American Wolverine Tube, Wieland Microcool LLC was established with headquarters in Decatur, Alabama and a further plant in Shanghai, China. Since August 2020 Wieland Microcool has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Wieland.

In the new company, Wieland's alloy and production competence as well as its international market presence enter into a symbiosis with Wolverine Tube's superior expertise in the field of liquid cooling in electronic systems. In particular, the self-developed Micro Deformation Technology (MDT), but also the advanced friction stir welding and novel extrusion profiles allow Wieland to set standards in the industry with ultra-compact high-performance cooling plates, cooler body and baseplate designs and evaporators, for example, with first-class heat transfer coefficients as well as uniformly homogeneous cooling and low pressure drop. This is made possible by the enlarged surfaces, the high fin density and the characteristic micro-channel designs.

Wieland Microcool's thermal system solutions are used in a variety of applications which make an important contribution to an energy-efficient, sustainable future, i.e. in electric vehicles, quick-charging systems as well as in more efficient wind and solar power systems. But also in the development of the 5G mobile phone standard and thermal management solutions for high-performance computer systems. Furthermore, a high demand for innovative solutions from Wieland Microcool is expected in the future in the fields of autonomous driving, electric aircraft engines and generally in aerospace technology.

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The latest power electronic transistors made of silicon carbide (SiC) place extremely high demands on the cooling plates.

cooling plate

The innovative microforming technology is also used in the Wieland Microcool cooling plate of the 3000 series.